Photo Electronics
Curing & Lighting

Curing Division

Photo Electronics Curing Division is in business since the 60s in the production and sale of UV/IR ovens systems for industrial drying and polymerization treatments.

Photo Electronics Curing Division offers its products to clients who operate in the following industrial sectors: industries that use UV and IR light sources; graphical arts; material treatments.

Enter the website to learn more about the state-of-the-art technologies Photoel uses in the production of next gen UV LED lamps and systems, the UV and IR ovens for the stone industry or to ask a consultancy service for UV LED Retrofit, dedicated for UV Curing machinery builders and users.

Lighting Division

Photo Electronics Lighting Division has been conducting its development, production and sale of Hot Restrike systems for more than 15 years. These products are perfect to fit in your lighting equipments and get the instant relighting of discharge lamps (MH/HPS)

Photo Electronics Lighting Division offers its products to clients who operate in the Lighting Industry or the ones who need advanced solutions in lighting, such as the new 2000W Electronic Ballast for Metal Halide lamps, with energy saving and flicker-free very interesting features.

Enter the website to learn more about the state-of-the-art technologies Photoel uses, the lighting devices produced, the floodlight modification service or to ask a custom consultancy for your Company.

New UV LED lamps for UV curing

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Electronic Ballast for 2000W MH lamps

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Hot Restrike Ignitor 1-2K

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DROLED L70 UV Led lamps

DROLED L70/43mm, L70/80mm, L70/235mm

L70 UV Led lamp

80mm working width

DROLED L70 UV Led lamp

390mm working width

L70U3V UV Led lamp

installed into flacons and cups printing equipment

Ac/Dc Power Supply

for 1000-3000W UV Led lamp

Electronic High Frequency Electronic Ballast

for 2000W MH lamps

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